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標題: a ratty suede tie-dyed Miu Miu with voodoo dolls and pen marks all over it [打印本頁]

作者: ccsdadpjk    時間: 2013-5-30 19:19     標題: a ratty suede tie-dyed Miu Miu with voodoo dolls and pen marks all over it

If you want to look casual and stay comfortable these shoes are certainly ideal picks for you this season. You can certainly check out these shoes which provide you with rafia and black soles, The stripy designs of the shoes provide you with a great style statement and you can walk around with loads of glamour.
But for color correcting or full coverage concealers (namely ones used for covering dark circles),toms outlet, they get applied first and then your foundation. Follow with finishing powder.I also love MAC Full Coverage Foundation in Orange for skin tones that are NC50/NW45 or darker to cover dark circles and other dark spots. You put this on before your foundation to cover the spots, then apply your foundation and powder as normal.
;I have two 'major' bags: a ratty suede tie-dyed Miu Miu with voodoo dolls and pen marks all over it, a patched nylon and leather Prada 'dinosaur' bag. If I'm not carrying these,Offering trendy Italian line for girl’s shoes, I'm stealing my moms bags or stuffing my phone, cash, and chapstick in my pockets.;When I saw this Burberry marked down like *crazy* at a Neimans Last Call sale, I couldn believe my eyes. How did someone not get this bag before I did?! Lucky me, I guess. This could be the bag that turns me into a bag girl.Took some pictures of my boyfriend wearing his N.HOOLYWOOD cape this weekend...
The Rouge lipstick range looks very nice too.1 Cle de Peau Silky Lipsticks. Half gloss half lipstick in really gorgeous colors. These last forever. My sister turned me on to these.My new favorite red lipstick is Beauty is Life lipstick in Royal 2 It got a touch of orange in it that makes it a little 70 and not at all clownish.Before I sign off, I do have one more reccomendation,You have a fabulously blingy sweatshirt, especially for those living in hot climates. Urban Decay All Nighter Long-lasting Makeup Setting Spray. It keeps your face in place,and Shampoo Salon, no joke.Hope this answers any questions, you can tweet me if you want to know anything else!xxP.S. If you haven watched any of Pixiwoo makeup tutorials and feel a little lost when it comes to makeup application, I highly reccomend them!! I've gotten so much better at my makeup just by watching them.
Yesterday it was a chilly but lovely day. I had my windows open. Even if it is slightly too hot or cold, I will always have the windows open. The breeze and fresh air makes me happy. Since I work from home, I spend a lot of time in this house. Bringing the outside in is nice.Just because it's something I do, I check the weather on my phone like crazy.
From left to right: My challenge shoes: the flowered Biba sandals, and chunky peeptoe Marigelas. My moms challenge shoes: the patent grey Chloe sandal boots, and the lucite heel t-bar Margielas. We are only two days into our challenge, but we're already coming up with some exciting ways to wear our 'challenge' shoes. I've been wearing the Bibas for two days, I'm very excited about them right now too!
If you are interested in hearing about new styles as they come out,cheap toms, I recommend taking the occasional peek at the official Q by Pasquale website or becoming a fan of the Q by Pasquale facebook page.

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